I specialise in documenting socially engaged art processes and engaging community groups to make films. I produce work for galleries, theatre companies, community-arts organisations, charities and artists. I have made over 300 films over the last 12 years, here's a few of the most recent.

Spinning - Manchester Art Gallery

I worked with performance artist Nicola Smith in Grange School, Manchester to create this film.


Grange School is a specialist school that supports the autistic community of Manchester. The project was produced by Katy McCall for Manchester Art Gallery

You can find out more about the project at Nicola's blog

OK The Musical Documentary - Tate Liverpool

O.K. – The Musical is an evolving community theatre musical based around the history and lore of Kinderhook, a small, somewhat obscure town in upstate New York.  Written and directed by Christopher Kline. 

This iteration of the piece took place in Tate Liverpool 2017 over 7 weeks. I was head of the media team, overseeing the documentation of the piece and directing and editing this documentary. 

To find out more, check out the brilliant OK website:

We Make The City - Manchester Art Gallery

How do we live in our cities and how does art make a difference to urban spaces? How do we perceive cities we live in and cities on the other side of the world? How do they shape us and we shape them? 


Made for Manchester Art Gallery, this film creatively documents a series of conversations held the gallery and community centres in Manchester.

Making Sense of Art - Tate Liverpool

Making Sense of Art was a course at Tate Liverpool that was an opportunity for participants meet artists, learn about how they create their work and understand how the art they make can be meaningful to your life and community.

For people aged 19 and over, this free, eight week course required no previous experience or knowledge of art, offering an introductory lesson to the Tate collection, artists and art making through workshops and group discussions.

I documented this project over a period of four years, working with artist-educator Nina Edge.

Making Their Mark - Tate Liverpool 

Walton Youth Project, Making Their Mark through creative and collaborative interventions with artist, Sarah Marsh - assisted by Michaela Swan.

By listening to the ideas of the young people and responding to their suggestions, the project developed into playful and open-ended explorations of materials and processes.

I captured their creative wanderings using photography and film and participated in the process, working with the young people to identify interests, self-document and experiment with film and photography. 

The images and videos that we generated were turned into an animated comic book that describes our journey.